SOCYUN: Society and University Research Group

Multidisciplinary research group made up by university lecturers and researchers from the Faculties of Economics and Business Studies, Psychology and Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (UAM). All members of the research group share research interests in university governance and management, university social engagement and the economic and social impact of higher education institutions.

The main research lines of the research group are aligned with the challenges proposed by the Spanish R+D+I plans and the European research programmes: Open Science, Research Evaluation and Socioeconomic Impact of Science (with special emphasis on Science and Citizenship). In this framework, attention is paid to:

  • The study of (the aims of) university policy, governance and management.
  • The participation, culture, policies, structures and resources of universities to respond to socioeconomic needs and problems, especially those related to the Sustainable Development
    Goals (SDG).
  • The design of procedures to encourage the participation of citizens / society in the planning and development of research that responds to socioeconomic needs, using open science as a
    theoretical framework.
  • The academic background of the researchers allows for a social, economic and scientific approach to research.

The members of this research group collaborate in the Research Institute for Higher Education and Science (INAECU): a research institute created in 2013 by Carlos III University of Madrid and Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, which is in charge of the Observatory of the Research Activity of the Spanish University System (IUNE).